Radiator Assembly 人気 Plastic Tank Aluminum Mazda CX7 for Core CX-7 88円 Radiator Assembly Plastic Tank Aluminum Core for Mazda CX-7 CX7 Automotive Replacement Parts Aluminum,CX-7,Plastic,for,Radiator,/Catskill1855178.html,Tank,Mazda,Automotive , Replacement Parts,CX7,Core,joshdavies.com,88円,Assembly Radiator Assembly 人気 Plastic Tank Aluminum Mazda CX7 for Core CX-7 88円 Radiator Assembly Plastic Tank Aluminum Core for Mazda CX-7 CX7 Automotive Replacement Parts Aluminum,CX-7,Plastic,for,Radiator,/Catskill1855178.html,Tank,Mazda,Automotive , Replacement Parts,CX7,Core,joshdavies.com,88円,Assembly

Radiator Assembly 人気 Plastic Tank Aluminum Mazda CX7 for 秀逸 Core CX-7

Radiator Assembly Plastic Tank Aluminum Core for Mazda CX-7 CX7


Radiator Assembly Plastic Tank Aluminum Core for Mazda CX-7 CX7

Product description

Item specifications:


  • Direct replacement
  • Plastic tanks with aluminum core
  • Dimensions:
    • Height: 17 11/6"
    • Width:  29 3/8"
    • Depth: 1"
  • Built to strict quality control standards

Compatible with:

  • 2007-12 Mazda CX-7

Radiator Assembly Plastic Tank Aluminum Core for Mazda CX-7 CX7

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