(Green,Artystyczna,Polish,by,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,joshdavies.com,Pottery,P,5-inch,/Puinavi435872.html,Ceramika,Bowl,31円,made Polish Pottery 情熱セール Bowl 5-inch made Green Artystyczna by Ceramika P 31円 Polish Pottery Bowl 5-inch made by Ceramika Artystyczna (Green P Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining 31円 Polish Pottery Bowl 5-inch made by Ceramika Artystyczna (Green P Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining (Green,Artystyczna,Polish,by,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,joshdavies.com,Pottery,P,5-inch,/Puinavi435872.html,Ceramika,Bowl,31円,made Polish Pottery 情熱セール Bowl 5-inch made Green Artystyczna by Ceramika P

Polish Pottery 情熱セール Bowl 5-inch made Green 直輸入品激安 Artystyczna by Ceramika P

Polish Pottery Bowl 5-inch made by Ceramika Artystyczna (Green P


Polish Pottery Bowl 5-inch made by Ceramika Artystyczna (Green P

Product description

Polish Pottery 5-inch Bowl made by Ceramika Artystyczna, Green Pansies Theme - Signature UNIKAT

Dimensions: 5½" wide, 5½" long, 2¼" high
Capacity: 13oz

Polmedia Polish Pottery Stoneware is:
* Hand crafted and hand painted in Boleslawiec, Poland
* Microwave safe, dishwasher safe, oven safe up to 480 F, freezer safe
* Lead and cadmium free
* Crack and chip resistant
* Intended for everyday use, easy to clean
* Highly collectable

About Polish Pottery
Polish pottery is known for its versatility in the kitchen and on the table. It is safe for use with food in the microwave, freezer, oven and dishwasher. Polish stoneware is resilient to abrasives making it durable and resistant to scratching or chipping. It distributes heat evenly for perfect baking and is also nonstick for easy clean-up, making it easy to care for.
The bright patterns never fade, and are offered in thousands of variations to mix and match. It is this combination of function and beauty that makes Polish pottery so appealing. The pottery is fired in electric and gas kilns at temperatures exceeding 2200 degrees Fahrenheit.
This results in a stoneware that is meant to resist aging and provide lasting beauty that stands the test of time. Polish stoneware is lead and cadmium free.
Polish Pottery is hand crafted and hand painted in the Boleslawiec region of Poland. This region is famous for its naturally found white clay which artisans have used for centuries to craft this durable and beautiful stoneware. Each piece of pottery is carefully formed and painted by hand to ensure that exceptional attention to detail is paid to each piece. The most beautiful and intricate patterns are called UNIKAT patterns. These patterns bear the artist’s signature.

Polish Pottery Bowl 5-inch made by Ceramika Artystyczna (Green P

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