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2020 UEFA Champions League Trophy W 予約 Football Red and 店 with

2020 UEFA Champions League Trophy Football Trophy with Red and W


2020 UEFA Champions League Trophy Football Trophy with Red and W

Product description


☛ The Following are Your Concerns
- 2019/20 Champion name of Bayern Munchen has engraved on the back of the trophy.
- We will send the trophy with red and white ribbons.
- If you have any requirements about this trophy, please send email to me, I'll reply you in time.

☛ Spec
- Product Name: 2020 UEFA Champions Trophy
- 2020 Champions Name: Bayern Munchen
- Material: Resin
- Craftsmanship: Pure handmade
- Height Size: 15.5 cm/6.1 inches, 32 cm/12.6 inches, 44 cm/17.3 inches, 77 cm/30.3 inches

☛ Why Choose Us?
- Selected high-quality and high-density resin, safe, non-toxic, tasteless, wear resistance, corrosion resistance, good toughness, and does not fade.
- Diamond cutting technology for rounded corners without burrs.
- The names of previous champions (Including 2019/20 Bayern Munchen) are engraved on the back.
- Every football fan should have a our trophy.
- Best gift for your family or friends.
- Awards for various football match.
- Souvenir, collection for home decoration.
- High-quality after-sales service.

☛ Warm Tips
- Because of manual measurement, the error is 3-5 cm/1.2-2.0 inches, please refer to actual size.
- Because of the influence of photographing equipment or light, the color of the picture may be slightly different from the real thing. Please refer to the actual product received.

☛ Efficient Customer Service
- We promises to ship within 1-2 days, and the delivery time is 10-30 working days.
- We offer 24 hours online customer service, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions. Thanks for great communication!
- We will offer Replacement or 100% Money Back if the product has any quality issues, you can buy with confidence.

2020 UEFA Champions League Trophy Football Trophy with Red and W


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