Sunbeam Red お買い得品 800W Handheld Steamer Garment One-Touch Operation Home Kitchen , Irons Steamers,Steamer,Red,,28円,Garment,Operation,Handheld,800W,One-Touch,/chancrous1709433.html,Sunbeam Sunbeam Red お買い得品 800W Handheld Steamer Garment One-Touch Operation Home Kitchen , Irons Steamers,Steamer,Red,,28円,Garment,Operation,Handheld,800W,One-Touch,/chancrous1709433.html,Sunbeam 28円 Sunbeam Red 800W Handheld One-Touch Operation Garment Steamer Home Kitchen Irons Steamers 28円 Sunbeam Red 800W Handheld One-Touch Operation Garment Steamer Home Kitchen Irons Steamers

送料無料(一部地域を除く) Sunbeam Red お買い得品 800W Handheld Steamer Garment One-Touch Operation

Sunbeam Red 800W Handheld One-Touch Operation Garment Steamer


Sunbeam Red 800W Handheld One-Touch Operation Garment Steamer

Product description


Fresh amp; Dandy!

Just because you’re traveling does not mean you have to endure stuffy bed linen, curtains or even
your own clothes. With this garment steamer which packs amazing 800W power and a
9 ounce water reservoir, you easily restore the luxurious freshness of all your clothes, fabrics accessories,
furniture and upholstery without resorting to chemical use. Our compact gadget is made to give you the
smart look without the inconvenience of ironing clothes.

Gentle Power!

Not only does the garment steamer eliminate wrinkles and odors; it protects your suits, dresses
and other clothes from the scorching damage caused by ironing. The specially designed nozzle evenly
distributes powerful jets of steam which expeditiously remove unwanted odors while preserving the strength
and shape of your garments.

This incredible garment steamer feels just as comfortable in your hands as it is gentle on fabrics. It is
ergonomically designed with heat resistant material, an easy-grip handle and easily accessible on/off
switch for one-touch operation with a single hand.

Not convinced? Check our garment steamer’s benefits:

- Perfect for fabrics, furniture and upholstery.

- Gentler on fabrics than ironing.

- Lightweight for comfortable handling.

- Compact design for easy storage and traveling with.

- Large water reservoir for consistent steam supply.

Sunbeam Red 800W Handheld One-Touch Operation Garment Steamer

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