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Women's 与え Winter Warm Fleece Corduroy Thicken Jacket Lapel 誕生日プレゼント

Women's Winter Warm Fleece Lapel Thicken Jacket Thicken Corduroy


Women's Winter Warm Fleece Lapel Thicken Jacket Thicken Corduroy

Product Description

Kaxindeb Coat is a ultrawarm and lightweight women’s winter coat parka. It features latest windproof comfortable shell fabric, thick soft and ultrawarm fuzzy lining, big fuzzy lined hood, windproof ribbing cuff.

High quality Fax Fur, Fleece Lined which is soft, comfortable and super warm, big and deep hood with cotton lining,providing warmth and beautify. Special design provides an excellent weight-to-warmth ratio, so you'll be able to stay warm without feeling weighed down.

Improvement of fabrics, details, and clipping. The collect waist design line is more beautiful, wearing more comfortable. Profile perpendicular line quilting to join, Bring more capable curves on the vision.

Convenience Design, features front smooth zipper button closure, big pockets, can handle various occasions easily, such as heavy fog or snow day, a great choice for traveling, hiking, skiing and the outdoor activities or various occasions.

Please check the SIZE DETAIL on each product photos page. Not the Amazon size. Please allow about 2cm/1'' differs due to manual measurement. All Dimension Measured Before Stretch. Loose Style. Flat Measurement. Review the dimension carefully before ordering.

Women's Winter Warm Fleece Lapel Thicken Jacket Thicken Corduroy


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