Stained Glass Feather Window Hangings PCS 開店記念セール 9 Ornament G 35円 Stained Glass Feather Window Hangings Ornament , 9 PCS Stained G Home Kitchen Home Décor Products Stained,,G,/lamia1709494.html,Window,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Glass,Feather,PCS,Stained,Ornament,9,35円,,,Hangings Stained,,G,/lamia1709494.html,Window,Home Kitchen , Home Décor Products,Glass,Feather,PCS,Stained,Ornament,9,35円,,,Hangings Stained Glass Feather Window Hangings PCS 開店記念セール 9 Ornament G 35円 Stained Glass Feather Window Hangings Ornament , 9 PCS Stained G Home Kitchen Home Décor Products

Stained Glass Feather 秀逸 Window Hangings PCS 開店記念セール 9 Ornament G

Stained Glass Feather Window Hangings Ornament , 9 PCS Stained G


Stained Glass Feather Window Hangings Ornament , 9 PCS Stained G

Product description

Color:9pcs Feather


  • Made from many pieces of different color glass, creates a unique design, 1 rope is included.
  • 100% handmade. Well welded by 3mm stained glass material, color will never change and fade.
  • Amazing Stained Glass Window Hangings: More than a hanging ornament, made with sun-through and opaque glass pieces that allows glass shape and textures shadow to shine through onto
  • other surfaces, so you will get colorful sunshine on your window or wall.
  • Perfect Gift And Suncatchers Decoration: This multicolored stained glass handmade hanging ornaments would be a great decoration on window, car, wall, patio, garden and living room. Also,it can be used for party favors, gifts for any occasions and everyday use.
  • Product size: 4.5 x 17 cm

Package Included

  • 9x feather pendant

Stained Glass Feather Window Hangings Ornament , 9 PCS Stained G

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