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選択 定価 ONEFENG Fake Pregnancy Belly Lightweight Silicone Pregnant Flase

ONEFENG Fake Pregnancy Belly Lightweight Silicone Flase Pregnant


ONEFENG Fake Pregnancy Belly Lightweight Silicone Flase Pregnant

Product Description

fake pregnancy belly

ONEFENG Fake Pregnancy Belly Lightweight Silicone Flase Pregnant Bump for Film Props Pregnancy Women

ONEFENG was registered in USPTO No. 5185761 and EUIPO No.015814882. Mainly produces and sells silicone series products. With silicone fake breast form as leader products, product lines cover beauty and medical devices. With steady steps for more than 10 years, now we have professional online network marketing and offline sales network entity. Having our own R amp; D center, matching underwear, and silicone products factory, now we have realized the completed system includes research, production, sell. Products have been sold to more than 80 countries and regions, mainly include: USA, Italy, France, Canada, Australia, Japan, Russia, etc, we have kept a long-term steady strategic cooperative relationship with friends from Germany, USA, UK, etc.

fake pregnancy belly
fake pregnant belly

Features :

1.Silicone pregnant belly is used to simulate pregnant situations at different stages of pregnancy.

2.Medical-grade silicone, non-stick, odorless, durable, flexible, and easy to use. It has the look of a real Pregnant tummy, the Silicone False Belly will hold to your skin, you will feel like it has become one with you.

3.The silicone belly is filled with PP cotton or Polyron pellet, which reduces its own weight and is more suitable for long-term wear. Velcro stable and easy to wear and unload, with strong viscosity.


Hand washes in warm water with mild soap, air-dry or with a towel gently. Keep it away from things with sharp points, fire sources and exposure to direct sunlight.

film props

Applicable scenarios:

simulation of pregnancy/movies props/cosplay/photography props/surrogacy/adoption.

ONEFENG Fake Pregnancy Belly Lightweight Silicone Flase Pregnant

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As audience members of many different stories, we love to complain about movies, tv shows, books, or video games that just didn’t hit the mark, that disappointed our expectations, or had such narrative inconsistency that the story ran amok with plot holes. Perhaps an ending left something unresolved that begged resolution or something that happened or was said contradicted a previous truth. You’ll find most stories are never absolutely perfect, to err is human after all, but there is likely…

It is no secret that Breath of the Wild has the largest version of Hyrule to explore out of any game in the Zelda series. As listed on Zelda Dungeon’s interactive map, the ruined kingdom has hundreds of unique locations and encounters to uncover. Hyrule’s nine regions each have their own climates and atmosphere. In particular, I think its world creates a nuance and mystique. Though its land is impressive, Breath of the Wild was not the first time I felt…

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“Great Fairy Fountain” is one of the most recognizable songs from the Zelda series. The song first appeared in A Link to The Past as the File Selection song and in the game’s Fairy Fountains. Since its debut, the song has appeared in almost every Zelda game. Outside of games, the theme has appeared on The Game Awards (performed by the band Imagine Dragons), and has consistently featured in the Symphony of The Goddesses concert series. This rearrangement of “Great…

Last month, cover art for Seal the Darkness, a Zelda-based fan zine, was released on Twitter in anticipation of the option to pre-order that was soon to come. Well, pre-orders have opened and now’s your chance to grab your own copy of Seal the Darkness. Seal the Darkness is a fanzine hosted by Linktober that contains creations from 65 contributors, with all of the proceeds going to the Rainforest Trust charity. If you’d like a rundown of the storyline and…

I have loved all Links since I was a little girl. They are all brave, loyal, complete beasts on the battlefield; they are also sweet and sensitive (I mean, honestly, have you heard Breath of the Wild Link adorably hum while cooking?). But apart from those boyfriend-material qualities (in my humble opinion), every Link has to go through quite a bit of growth to become the hero destined to take down the great evils that are threatening Hyrule in their time….