/moric436161.html,joshdavies.com,L,16",Forged,V-Bit,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Jaw,Tongs,,Blacksmith,28円,Hand /moric436161.html,joshdavies.com,L,16",Forged,V-Bit,Home Kitchen , Kitchen Dining,Jaw,Tongs,,Blacksmith,28円,Hand 28円 Hand Forged V-Bit Jaw Blacksmith Tongs, 16" L Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining Hand Forged ランキング総合1位 V-Bit Jaw Blacksmith L Tongs 16" Hand Forged ランキング総合1位 V-Bit Jaw Blacksmith L Tongs 16" 28円 Hand Forged V-Bit Jaw Blacksmith Tongs, 16" L Home Kitchen Kitchen Dining

Hand Forged ランキング総合1位 V-Bit Jaw Blacksmith L Tongs 16

Hand Forged V-Bit Jaw Blacksmith Tongs, 16" L


Hand Forged V-Bit Jaw Blacksmith Tongs, 16" L

Product description

Tongs are a type of Blacksmith’s tools which used to grip hold and lift forging hot piece of metal instead of holding them directly with hand without burning. It is made from spring steel metal (Grade - 5160) and are superior to pliers or vise grips for holding hot metal because tongs have large flat smooth jaw surfaces that do not scratch the work piece There are many form tongs adopted to their specific use, the most common types being flat jaw tong, wolf jaw tong, mandrel jaw tong, round jaw tong, flat jaw tong with v groove, flat jaw tong with square groove. specialty tongs are designed and forged by the individual blacksmith to hold any other special shapes of hot metal that are commonly handled by that particular smith. 16-inches long tongs which are a great size for general work in a coal or gas forge for blacksmith.


  • Type: Flat Jaw Tong with V Grooves
  • Metal Grade: 5160 Spring steel Metal
  • Overall Length: 16 inch
  • Rivet Center to Jaw Length: 3 inch
  • Jaw Length: 2.25 inch
  • Reigns Length: 13 inch
  • Application: V groove flat jaw tongs hold Small Square and round stock. It has also cross grooves for holding stocks oriented 90 degree tong’s reigns. V groove concentrate the pressure of your gripping pressure points. Hence, hold the stock better than flat jaw tong
  • Holding Capacity: 1/8 inch to

    Hand Forged V-Bit Jaw Blacksmith Tongs, 16" L

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