Protest Citron 売り出し Bikini Triangle Triangle,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Protest,24円,Citron,,/Agaricales143123.html,Bikini Triangle,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Protest,24円,Citron,,/Agaricales143123.html,Bikini 24円 Protest Citron Triangle Bikini Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness Protest Citron 売り出し Bikini Triangle 24円 Protest Citron Triangle Bikini Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness

開店祝い Protest Citron 売り出し Bikini Triangle

Protest Citron Triangle Bikini


Protest Citron Triangle Bikini

Product description

Introducing the Citron triangle bikini by Protest. Simple and beautiful, this regular fit bikini is printed with an all over design from our summer collection. There are removable foam cups for added support when needed. There is beading at the straps of the bikini top. The bikini bottoms have a regular fit. The fabric is also PFC-free in an effort to reduce the use of this chemical and thereby it’s harm to the environment. A summertime essential, the Citron by Protest.

Protest Citron Triangle Bikini

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