Head Planter Face Wall Vase 大特価!! Table Hanging Female 33円 Head Planter Face Wall Hanging Table Vase Female Handmade Products Home Kitchen Head,33円,Female,Handmade Products , Home Kitchen,Face,Hanging,Planter,Table,Wall,/Boronia183047.html,Vase,joshdavies.com Head,33円,Female,Handmade Products , Home Kitchen,Face,Hanging,Planter,Table,Wall,/Boronia183047.html,Vase,joshdavies.com 33円 Head Planter Face Wall Hanging Table Vase Female Handmade Products Home Kitchen Head Planter Face Wall Vase 大特価!! Table Hanging Female

Head Planter Face Wall Vase 大特価 Table ◆高品質 Hanging Female

Head Planter Face Wall Hanging Table Vase Female


Head Planter Face Wall Hanging Table Vase Female

Creative female head planter.

Planter size: 16.5cm x 11.5cm x 16.5cm ( 6.5" x 4.5" х 6.5")

He is very cool and handmade with love.

Each planter is unique and has its own "flaws", which give it a real charm.

The planter was cast using very hard, fine plaster.
The planter has a natural color and covered with a protective varnish .

Tile planter may have a hook for wall hanging or could be displayed on a table/shelf.
It is coated on the inside with a waterproofing compound and therefore can be used as a vase.

Made with love for you.
It is ideal for a gift to loved ones.

Head Planter Face Wall Hanging Table Vase Female


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