/adustion479421.html,MASC,System,joshdavies.com,Premium,92円,Dou,Horizontal,with,Shoulder,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Leather,Holster 完売 MASC Premium Leather Horizontal Shoulder Holster System Dou with 92円 MASC Premium Leather Horizontal Shoulder Holster System with Dou Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness 完売 MASC Premium Leather Horizontal Shoulder Holster System Dou with 92円 MASC Premium Leather Horizontal Shoulder Holster System with Dou Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness /adustion479421.html,MASC,System,joshdavies.com,Premium,92円,Dou,Horizontal,with,Shoulder,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,Leather,Holster

完売 MASC Premium Leather Horizontal Shoulder Holster System Dou 定番キャンバス with

MASC Premium Leather Horizontal Shoulder Holster System with Dou


MASC Premium Leather Horizontal Shoulder Holster System with Dou

Product description

Masc has been handcrafting leather and Cordura holsters for over twenty years. Based in Turkey, Masc has gained worldwide attention for its high quality, innovative designs. Masc products have been exhibited at the IWA Outdoor Classic in Germany, as well as expos in Bulgaria, Russia, Italy, and The United States. Masc products are preferred by security personnel because of their practical design and safety features. Thanks to its 3,2-4,0 mm. the wall thickness of the leather holster remains its strength and durable shape for years to be a reasonable choice. Masc Holster’s products are gracefully chosen from nature-friendly, odorless, very best quality leathers and processed with anti-carcinogenic chemicals certificated by international authorities. On the other hand, plastic and stainless steel metal accessories combined with the holster are also selected meticulously to avoid harming to holster, cloth textiles and human skin.

MASC Premium Leather Horizontal Shoulder Holster System with Dou

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