Replacement,Base,LED,/afflictive1775477.html,29円,E39,Mogul,20W,Bulb,Met,Tools Home Improvement , Light Bulbs,75W,Corn,6000K,,Light 29円 20W LED 6000K Corn Light Bulb Mogul E39 Base Replacement 75W Met Tools Home Improvement Light Bulbs 29円 20W LED 6000K Corn Light Bulb Mogul E39 Base Replacement 75W Met Tools Home Improvement Light Bulbs 20W LED 6000K 付与 Corn Light Bulb Mogul 75W Base Replacement Met E39 20W LED 6000K 付与 Corn Light Bulb Mogul 75W Base Replacement Met E39 Replacement,Base,LED,/afflictive1775477.html,29円,E39,Mogul,20W,Bulb,Met,Tools Home Improvement , Light Bulbs,75W,Corn,6000K,,Light

20W LED 6000K 付与 Corn Light Bulb Mogul 75W Base Replacement セール品 Met E39

20W LED 6000K Corn Light Bulb Mogul E39 Base Replacement 75W Met


20W LED 6000K Corn Light Bulb Mogul E39 Base Replacement 75W Met

Product Description


360 Degree Light Direction

  • Bring the best lighting and illuminate the dark corner of your home.
  • Stylish and functional LED luminaires for indoor and outdoor.








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60W LED Corn Light 50W LED Corn Light Bulb 40 Watt LED Corn Bulb 80 Watts LED Corn Bulb 50W LED Corn Light Bulb 40W LED Corn Light Bulb
Watts 60W 50W 40W 80W 50W 40W
Luminous Flux 9,150 Lumens ‎7711 Lumens ‎6300 Lumens ‎10400 Lumens 7000 Lumens ‎5600 Lumens
Color Temperature Neutral white 4,000K Neutral white 6,000 K Neutral white 6,000 K Neutral white 4,000K Neutral white 4,000K Neutral white 4,000K
Life Time 50.000 hours 50.000 hours 50.000 hours 50.000 hours 50.000 hours 50.000 hours
Instant On

20W LED 6000K Corn Light Bulb Mogul E39 Base Replacement 75W Met


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