Alliance 交換無料 Wide Format Paper 24” x 300” Ink CAD Bright Je Rolls 92 1143円 Alliance Wide Format Paper 24” x 300” CAD Rolls 92 Bright Ink Je Office Products Office School Supplies 300”,Ink,Office Products , Office School Supplies,92,Paper,x,Rolls,/bogart143132.html,Format,Wide,1143円,Bright,Alliance,24”,CAD,Je, 1143円 Alliance Wide Format Paper 24” x 300” CAD Rolls 92 Bright Ink Je Office Products Office School Supplies 300”,Ink,Office Products , Office School Supplies,92,Paper,x,Rolls,/bogart143132.html,Format,Wide,1143円,Bright,Alliance,24”,CAD,Je, Alliance 交換無料 Wide Format Paper 24” x 300” Ink CAD Bright Je Rolls 92

Alliance 交換無料 Wide Format Paper 24” x 300” Ink 早割クーポン CAD Bright Je Rolls 92

Alliance Wide Format Paper 24” x 300” CAD Rolls 92 Bright Ink Je


Alliance Wide Format Paper 24” x 300” CAD Rolls 92 Bright Ink Je

Product description

Size:120 Rolls (2" Core) 24lb

Size:2 Rolls, 2" core, 24lb. 24" x 300' Alliance CAD Bond Rolls are for everyday use and monochrome plotting. 92 bright white paper increases contrast for greater impact on final prints. 24 lb. paper with stiffness properties provide reliable insertion performance for inkjet or laser imaging. Lint-free, acid-free sheet with archival quality. 2 rolls per carton, 60 cartons, 120 rolls total measuring 24" x 300 FT, 2" Core. TST/Impreso, Inc. specializes in printing and converting engineering bond rolls. Established in 1976, we have developed our state-of-the-art Slitting and Rewinding facilities to serve your needs…..closer, faster and with more precise accuracy in every roll. National manufacturing with 4 regional converting plants. 205,000 square feet combined manufacturing space. 11 Regional Distribution Centers. Quick turnaround times. Reduced freight costs. Consistent sourcing of raw material. Low minimums. EDI ready, UCC128 Barcoding available and ASN Advanced Shipment Notification. OEM and private labeling available.

Alliance Wide Format Paper 24” x 300” CAD Rolls 92 Bright Ink Je

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