MOCA Pair Valve Variable 人気の定番 Timing Cam F-150 Ford Phaser for Intake 77円 MOCA Pair Valve Variable Timing Cam Phaser Intake for Ford F-150 Automotive Replacement Parts Pair,/coopering1775163.html,Valve,77円,Timing,Ford,MOCA,Phaser,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Cam,Intake,,Variable,for,F-150 77円 MOCA Pair Valve Variable Timing Cam Phaser Intake for Ford F-150 Automotive Replacement Parts MOCA Pair Valve Variable 人気の定番 Timing Cam F-150 Ford Phaser for Intake Pair,/coopering1775163.html,Valve,77円,Timing,Ford,MOCA,Phaser,Automotive , Replacement Parts,Cam,Intake,,Variable,for,F-150

MOCA 往復送料無料 Pair Valve Variable 人気の定番 Timing Cam F-150 Ford Phaser for Intake

MOCA Pair Valve Variable Timing Cam Phaser Intake for Ford F-150


MOCA Pair Valve Variable Timing Cam Phaser Intake for Ford F-150

Product description

Variable Valve Timing(VVT)
Located on the Camshaft, VVT Sprocket help maximize engine horsepower and torque curve while reducing emissions and improving vehicle efficiency.
To ensure proper performance for this important category, standard and intermotor VVT sprockets meet tight dimensional tolerances to improve internal sealing,
minimize oil drain back, and reduce frequency of PCM correction.

Package Includes:
2 Engine Variable Valve Timing Sprockets
2 Mounting Bolts

Car Application:
06 - 10 for Ford Explorer 4.6L 281Cu. In. V8 Sohc, (24 Valve)
07 - 10 for Ford Explorer Sport Trac 4.6L 281Cu. In. V8 Sohc, (24 Valve)
05 - 10 for Ford Mustang Gt 4.6L 281Cu. In. V8 Sohc, (24 Valve)
06 - 08 Mercury Mountaineer 4.6L 281Cu. In. V8 Sohc, (24 Valve)
05 - 10 for Ford Expedition 5.4L 330Cu. In. V8 Sohc, (24 Valve)
04 - 10 for Ford F-150 5.4L 330Cu. In. V8 Sohc, (24 Valve)
05 - 10 for Ford F-250 Super Duty 5.4L 330Cu. In. V8 Sohc, (24 Valve)
05 - 10 for Ford F-350 Super Duty 5.4L 330Cu. In. V8 Sohc, (24 Valve)
06 - 07 Lincoln Mark Lt 5.4L 330Cu. In. V8 Sohc, (24 Valve)
05 - 08 Lincoln Navigator 5.4L 330Cu. In. V8 Sohc, (24 Valve)

1. If there were something wrong with the products, please do not hesitate to leave a message to us, we will solve it immediately when we receive.
2. Please ensure this item fits for your vehicle before purchasing (Check Fitment Data Above or see description below or ask our staff for help). Returned because of ordering by mistake, we will not bear the shipping fee. Thank you.

MOCA Pair Valve Variable Timing Cam Phaser Intake for Ford F-150

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