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年末年始大決算 OneSpace Monterey 購入 Computer Desk White Oak with

OneSpace Monterey Computer Desk, Oak with White


OneSpace Monterey Computer Desk, Oak with White

Product description

Color:Oak With White

The 50-4123 Monterey Computer Desk is a stunning addition wherever it goes. This desk features a sleek modern design that is easily incorporated into a number of interior design styles. It also features ample storage space that allows for maximizing organization while not having to sacrifice aethsetic options. Surprisingly affordable with exceptional value, this desk is offered by One Space, part of the Comfort products family. OneSpace makes home and office environments more stylish, comfortable, functional and rewarding. With its comprehensive line of home and office furniture, OneSpace is continually improving how we live, work and enjoy life today.

OneSpace Monterey Computer Desk, Oak with White


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