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新作続 DasMarine 2 PCS Stainless Steel Ho Folding Drink Down 期間限定今なら送料無料 Adjustable

DasMarine 2 PCS Stainless Steel Adjustable Folding Down Drink Ho


DasMarine 2 PCS Stainless Steel Adjustable Folding Down Drink Ho

Product description


The cup drink holder is specifically designed for Marine/Boat/Caravan/Car applications

The cup drink holder is made from stainless steel,well made and heavy duty.easy foldup and out of the way.
Equipped with silicone mouldings on the retainer arms,plus foam coaster on the inside of the drink holder, which can reduce noise and prevent drink cups from sliding.


Adjustable retainer arms,holds cups or cans from 2.17"(55mm) to 2.95"(75mm) diameter.
Mount base dimensions: Length 4"(104mm) x Width 3.7" (94mm)
Folds flat to protrude only 0.79"(20mm) when closed, 3.94"(100mm) when open

Package Includes:

2X drink holder
8X mounting screws

DasMarine 2 PCS Stainless Steel Adjustable Folding Down Drink Ho

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