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Mirrored Nightstand 新作 大人気 Golden Lines End 3-Drawers 蔵 Table Mirr with

Mirrored Nightstand, Golden Lines End Table with 3-Drawers, Mirr


Mirrored Nightstand, Golden Lines End Table with 3-Drawers, Mirr

Product description


This unique mirrored nightstand or bedside table with three drawers is sure to add sparkle to your bedroom. This bedside cabinet will add elegant style to your boudoir with a contemporary twist. The Mirrored 3-Drawer Nightstand is finely crafted with smooth and beveled mirrored glass. Three spacious drawers line the front with each one fitted with lovely crystal knobs. These provide an understated look while making the drawers accessible. The mirrored finish will catch the light beautifully and create a glamorous, sparkling look in your bedroom.


1. Produced by high quality MDF and glass, eco-friendly and durable in use

2. With simple design, easy to install

3. Three drawers design, can store and organize different things

4. Add sparkle to your bedroom

Mirrored Nightstand, Golden Lines End Table with 3-Drawers, Mirr


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