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BOSSIN Gaming Chair 2020 Racing Chairs クリアランスsale 期間限定 Style Gamer for

BOSSIN Gaming Chair Racing Style Gaming Chairs,Gamer Chairs for


BOSSIN Gaming Chair Racing Style Gaming Chairs,Gamer Chairs for

Product Description

Lemberi Gaming Chair Racing Style With Footrest

gaming chair


Built with premium PVC faux leather for optimal durability and maximum form-fit. The use of PVC instead of traditional PU materials provides enhanced durability, and is relatively easier to maintain.

gaming chair for adults


Whether it is leaning forward during your intense gaming session or simply reclining backwards to relax, our chairs provides perfect angle support from 90° up to 160° to suit all your needs. In addition to this, unlocking the angle adjuster enables further angle adjustment of the chair (<180°) to positions suitable for that all-important nap in-between gaming sessions.

gaming chair with foot rest


It is crucial to maintain good posture and sit comfortably while gaming. Choosing a chair that supports proper ergonomic positioning and necessary seat adjustments is vital, including.

- Chair with casters and five-point base

- Seat rest with dense foam padding

- Backrest with lumbar support

- A stable footrest

- Seat height hydraulic adjustment

racing style gaming chair

Lemberi is a brand specializing in selling furniture, including e-sports tables, office desks, game chairs and more.If you need service, we will reply within 24 hours. And our products will provide more than one year service. Please rest assured to buy.

NOTES:Royaledirect and LEMBERI are both our store brands.


Seating area Dimension 20.8*21.8 (L * W)
Backrest dimension 21.8*35.8 (L * H)
Load capacity 300LBS
Adjustable seat height 4.7 inches
gaming recliner gaming desk z shape gaming desk home office desk standing desk
gaming recliner T shape gaming desk Z shape gaming desk Home office desk Standing desk
Color Blue/Grey/Red etc Red Red/Black Black/Oak/Brown Black
Desk top size 55 inch 44/55/63 inch 39 inch 55 inch

BOSSIN Gaming Chair Racing Style Gaming Chairs,Gamer Chairs for


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