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5 lb Coffee 選択 Beans - 超目玉 Whole Cof Roast Medium Gourmet Bean

5 lb Coffee Beans - Whole Bean Coffee Medium Roast - Gourmet Cof


5 lb Coffee Beans - Whole Bean Coffee Medium Roast - Gourmet Cof

Product description

Olde Brooklyn Coffee- Freshly Roasted Every Week

Olde Brooklyn coffee brings you its new roast varieties with a rich taste, mesmerizing aromas and distinct flavor characteristics that make each cup a unique one.

Discover the finest roasts for your breakfast coffees, your espressos, your French press brews or cold brews. From smoky-sweet, to dark and strong, we have a vast variety of flavor profiles to find your favorite and enjoy each cup to the maximum.

Fresh-Weekly Roasted

To make sure our whole-bean coffee reaches you completely fresh, we roast our beans in small batches for higher quality control, in New York, and ship them to you as soon as possible so you can enjoy our coffee like you should-Fresh amp; Delicious.

Shipped in Airtight Bags

To make sure our coffee reaches you super fresh and aromatic, we ship our coffee in convenient, air-tight, sealed bags that protect your coffee beans and preserve their fragrance and taste.

The Best Blends In Each Pack

For our signature Olde Brooklyn taste profiles, we use exquisite coffee blends from Columbia, Brazil and Guatemala.

Each one handpicked, carefully grown and treated, brings its own twist, that delivers distinct taste and a wholesome experience.

Versatile Roast Variety

Within our selection you are able to discover your favorite roasts and blends as we offer a vast menu of whole bean selections:

Italian Dark Roast, Dark Roast, French Roast, Brazilian Santos, House Blend, Breakfast Blend and More!

With one for each preference, you can enjoy your morning cup, exactly how you like it- simply perfect.

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5 lb Coffee Beans - Whole Bean Coffee Medium Roast - Gourmet Cof

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