Personalized Handmade Mr Mrs Wedding マート Guest Book for Gr and Bride Gr,Book,/mistic1775501.html,Mr,Wedding,Handmade,Home Kitchen , Event Party Supplies,Mrs,Bride,Personalized,for,22円,and,Guest, Gr,Book,/mistic1775501.html,Mr,Wedding,Handmade,Home Kitchen , Event Party Supplies,Mrs,Bride,Personalized,for,22円,and,Guest, 22円 Personalized Handmade Mr Mrs Wedding Guest Book for Bride and Gr Home Kitchen Event Party Supplies Personalized Handmade Mr Mrs Wedding マート Guest Book for Gr and Bride 22円 Personalized Handmade Mr Mrs Wedding Guest Book for Bride and Gr Home Kitchen Event Party Supplies

Personalized Handmade Mr Mrs Wedding マート Guest ご予約品 Book for Gr and Bride

Personalized Handmade Mr Mrs Wedding Guest Book for Bride and Gr


Personalized Handmade Mr Mrs Wedding Guest Book for Bride and Gr

Product description

Color:Chocolate Walnut

Customized Mr Mrs Wedding Guest Book Bride and Groom Handmade Personalized Wood Alternative Custom Engraved Getting Married Newlywed Album

Unique Hand Painted amp; Custom Engraved Wooden Guestbooks are perfect for weddings.

Personalize it with Names and Date you would like (or any favorite saying, word, text).

While this is ideal for Weddings, you can also use it for Anniversary, Birthdays, or any other special days/moments. It is fully customized :)

This Customized Guestbook will keep wonderful memories of your special day forever.

Hand painted with Love for the ones in love :)

Please Check the photos for color options.

Made with Love in CA, USA.


Guest Book Sizes:

6 x 9 inches (15x22 cm)
8 x 12 inches (20x30 cm)

  • 1/8" Real Wood Covers - Front amp; Back
  • Front side is Custom Engraved with your Names, Dates, or Words
  • Packed inside Bubble Envelope for double protection during shipping
  • Custom Engraving shows the wood color underneath the stain with a beautiful contrast (just like the listing images)

Finish Colors Available in below:

  • Black Walnut
  • Chocolate Walnut
  • Rosewood
  • Natural

Premium Paper Details:

  • 30 Premium Blank Pages - 164gr/m2 High Quality (15 sheets)
  • 60 Premium Blank Pages - 164gr/m2 High Quality (30 sheets)
  • 90 Premium Blank Pages - 164gr/m2 High Quality (45 sheets)

1.25" Stainless Steel Metal Rings

Personalized Handmade Mr Mrs Wedding Guest Book for Bride and Gr

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