HTTMT SLK003-3" FRONT and 2" REAR Compatibl STEEL Lift 買い取り Kit Level HTTMT,FRONT,and,Lift,Automotive , Replacement Parts,71円,2",Compatibl,SLK003-3",Kit,STEEL,REAR,/moric1775361.html,Level, 71円 HTTMT SLK003-3" FRONT and 2" REAR STEEL Lift Level Kit Compatibl Automotive Replacement Parts 71円 HTTMT SLK003-3" FRONT and 2" REAR STEEL Lift Level Kit Compatibl Automotive Replacement Parts HTTMT SLK003-3" FRONT and 2" REAR Compatibl STEEL Lift 買い取り Kit Level HTTMT,FRONT,and,Lift,Automotive , Replacement Parts,71円,2",Compatibl,SLK003-3",Kit,STEEL,REAR,/moric1775361.html,Level,


HTTMT SLK003-3" FRONT and 2" REAR STEEL Lift Level Kit Compatibl


HTTMT SLK003-3" FRONT and 2" REAR STEEL Lift Level Kit Compatibl

Product description


  • High quality spacers will give 3" of lift to the front and 2" lift to the rear of your Jeep.
  • Spacers are treated with a special technique that gives it a brilliant finish and will keep any type of corrosion from forming or compromising your kit in any way.
  • The suspension on this vehicle requires a spacer that is not a 1:1 ratio; therefore the advertised height is achieved after install, not the height of the spacer itself.
  • This kit will allow you to fit larger tires. GREAT way to increase your ground clearance!
  • Longer shocks not necessary - reuses your stock springs and shocks. Comes completely with all necessary hardware for install.
  • Full Easy to Follow Instructions that will walk you through the install. Takes about 1-2 Hours with hand tools. (This kit does NOT require the use of a spring compressor)
  • Will accommodate up max tire size 265.

Fits: 2006-2010 Jeep Commander XK

HTTMT SLK003-3" FRONT and 2" REAR STEEL Lift Level Kit Compatibl

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