K’netix Newton Digital Bow Allen 人気 おすすめ Scale by Gray joshdavies.com,K’netix,Newton,Gray,/partner/business-industry,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,6円,Bow,Digital,Scale,by,Allen, joshdavies.com,K’netix,Newton,Gray,/partner/business-industry,Sports Outdoors , Sports Fitness,6円,Bow,Digital,Scale,by,Allen, 6円 K’netix Newton Digital Bow Scale by Allen, Gray Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness 6円 K’netix Newton Digital Bow Scale by Allen, Gray Sports Outdoors Sports Fitness K’netix Newton Digital Bow Allen 人気 おすすめ Scale by Gray

K’netix Newton Digital ◇限定Special Price Bow Allen 人気 おすすめ Scale by Gray

K’netix Newton Digital Bow Scale by Allen, Gray


K’netix Newton Digital Bow Scale by Allen, Gray

Product description

Ever get curious about what the draw weight on your bow is or want to check it for states that require a certain weight? The heavy-duty K’netix Newton Digital Bow Scale will allow you to do that. Made with heavy-duty hardware and a digital reset. You'll be able to easily tell the peak draw weight of your bow up to 220 lbs.

K’netix Newton Digital Bow Scale by Allen, Gray

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