Moca Unisex Hip Hop 卓越 Iced Out Punk Cha Heart Bling Broken Diamond Moca Unisex Hip Hop 卓越 Iced Out Punk Cha Heart Bling Broken Diamond 28円 Moca Unisex Hip Hop Iced Out Bling Heart Broken Diamond Punk Cha Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men 28円 Moca Unisex Hip Hop Iced Out Bling Heart Broken Diamond Punk Cha Clothing, Shoes Jewelry Men Hop,Punk,/what_we_do/the_natural_environment/imagery,Cha,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Hip,Broken,Diamond,Iced,Bling,28円,Unisex,Moca,Heart,Out, Hop,Punk,/what_we_do/the_natural_environment/imagery,Cha,Clothing, Shoes Jewelry , Men,Hip,Broken,Diamond,Iced,Bling,28円,Unisex,Moca,Heart,Out,

Moca Unisex Hip Hop 卓越 Iced Out Punk 奉呈 Cha Heart Bling Broken Diamond

Moca Unisex Hip Hop Iced Out Bling Heart Broken Diamond Punk Cha


Moca Unisex Hip Hop Iced Out Bling Heart Broken Diamond Punk Cha

Product description

This completely iced out Necklace is made from jeweler's brass plated with premium 18k gold and silver plated , hypoallergenic and lead/nickel free.
Each stone is carefully set by hand by a professional jeweler, creating a totally iced out look! This ring will be sure to catch people's eye.
A similar Necklace made from the real thing can cost you thousands. You can get a similar look and feel with this ring without breaking your wallet!
This item includes a 18K golden / silver finish to protect it from tarnishing and to enhance its brightness and overall appearance. However, moisture on skin may cause rhodium to oxidize, which may produce a slight green discoloration on the point of contact.
We highly recommend keeping this item away from liquids and moisture to prevent this.
Jewelry Care:
Please avoid direct contact with water, perspiration, and chemicals such as perfume, detergent, and lotion. Excessive light, heat or moisture will deteriorate the quality of the plating on the metal.
Also, exposing plated jewelry to liquids will cause the plating to lose its finish. Please take care to protect your bling as you would most jewelry.

Moca Unisex Hip Hop Iced Out Bling Heart Broken Diamond Punk Cha


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